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Hartwell Manufacturing provide both shop based pre fabrication and site based installation of stainless and carbon steel pipe work to industry.

These industries include power generation, refrigeration and  Heating and ventilation.

We can offer:

  • hot and cold water
  • LTHW heating;
  • steam pipework and ancillaries;
  • hygienic pipework;
  • compressed air;
  • hydraulic systems;
  • vacuum systems;
  • blow vessel systems;
  • pressure washer pipework and ring mains
  • welded pipework;
  • caustics and acids;
  • oils/fuels;
  • mineral oils;
  • food products.

Hartwell have the capacity to offer piping solutions to either EN or ASME design codes, with all welders dual certified to BS287-1/9606-1 & ASME IX.

All welding procedures are 3rd party approved to either 15614-1 & ASME IX.

Hartwell Manufacturing are a privately owned company, who have been providing high-quality machining and fabrication services to the industry, since 1974.

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