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IMG_17971-e1418901283934We can design and manufacture your storage requirements from the smallest vessel to the largest site built requirements ranging from 100 litre to 400,000 litre.

Codes of standards:

  • Pressure Vessels PD5500, EN13445 and ASME VIII for vertical and horizontal cylindrical storage. Using Fingflow software including modules for local loading
  • Rectangular storage vessels to BS799
  • Structures to BS499, BS5950 & eurocodes using Scale Structural Calculations Ensemble software.

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Our tanks are used from oil, diesel, chemical, potable water, thermal stores, chilled buffer vessels and digester tanks, more recently nuclear.

Any media storage we can design and draw your solution. If any of the above don’t cover your requirement then please contact us directly and we will be more than willing to help.

We can provide the access and safe working platforms for all your requirements. From shop built ladder and platforms to the building that will hold the vessels and internal external access.

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Pressure Vessels

Hartwell Manufacturing can provide your organisation with all of the key characteristics required when searching for an experienced and trusted supplier of pressure vessels. With pressure vessels posing substantial risks due to the different pressure their contents are held at when compared to ambient temperature, it’s vitally important that your organisation works with a company which has a proven track record of supplying tested vessels which are also capable of meeting your exact specifications.

Having been established for more than three decades, Hartwell manufacturing are now able to offer an extensive range of pressure vessels which are designed to meet the needs of our diverse range of clients.

IMG_4880Types Of Vessel

In addition to our standardised types and sizes, Hartwell can also offer entirely bespoke pressure process stainless steel vessels. Available in capacities from just 20 litres all the way up to 200,000, our bespoke pressure vessels can be made to your exact specifications including a range of steel grades, finishes and with various heating method and stirrer options depending on the application of your vessel.

Horizontal Typical Arrangement Tanks

Our Horizontal stainless steel typical arrangement tanks are also available in different variations. Both above ground tanks and below ground tanks are available, also offering spill protection and leak detection to ensure your organisation remains compliant and that your site and employees remain safe.

IMG_4892Rectangular Typical arrangement Tanks

Depending on your requirements and the space available at your site, a standard, single skin typical arrangement rectangular tank may be more suitable. Our capabilities allow us to design and manufacture non standardised tanks for when rectangular tanks cannot be manufactured with internal cross stays. Instead we utilise external channels or angles which allow us to achieve the same performance levels.

Vertical Cylindrical Shop Fabricated Tanks

Our vertical shop fabricated pressure vessels are available in various different applications and capacities. From the small capacity stainless steel typical arrangement tank with an upper capacity of 10,000 litres to a far more substantial thin wall stainless steel tank which can hold up to 180,000 litres.

These tanks are also available with different mounting options depending on what is required at your site. Whether you require a flat base single skin tank or a leg/skirt mounted typical arrangement tank, Hartwell Manufacturing will meet your expectations entirely.

All of our pressure vessels have various construction options to choose from including the base, top shape, mountings, steel grade and thickness and much more.

IMG_4884Site Welded Vessels

We often work with clients whose site has limited or difficult access and as such, maneuvering one of our pre-constructed pressure vessels into place simply isn’t possible. As such, we also offer our clients site-welded tanks following an initial consultation and where required, a site visit.

Site welded pressure vessels mean your organisation doesn’t have to compromise on the tank location and can make the best possible use of the space available. View the various options available with our site welded tanks by clicking here.


Hartwell Manufacturing are a privately owned company, who have been providing high-quality machining and fabrication services to the industry, since 1974.

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