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At Hartwell we take pride in ensuring that the right product is chosen for each installation.  This can be a modular twinwall flue system for applications such as:

  • Generator
  • CHP (Combined Heat & Power) Set or Boiler
  • Biomass Boiler
  • Single or Multiple Atmospheric Boiler/s
  • Single or Multiple Condensing Boiler/s

Hartwell can offer a complete design draw and install of your flue system requirements.  The products that we can offer are not just manufactured in accordance to BS-EN1856 but CERTIFIED to BS-EN1856 with declaration of performance. This ensures that each system has its own CE kite mark, complying with the latest building regulations.

All vertical flue solutions are manufacture in house.  Compliant with Free Standing Structures or Chimneys this can be a number of designs:

  • Single flue supported by a single mast.
  • Multi flues supported by a lattice work support structure
  • Multi flue with windshield cover
  • Twinwall flue wall mounted

Each of the above would be supplied with a complete set of designs and material data book compliant to the relevant Britsh and European Standard.

Our fully welded systems are a bespoke manufactured item made to measure and can either be manufactured in stainless steel or standard steel.  These systems come with a complete expansion model, fully welded bellows and can be rated upto 7 Bar if required. Please see CHP & Engine Exhaust.

Hartwell Manufacturing are a privately owned company, who have been providing high-quality machining and fabrication services to the industry, since 1974.

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