New Accreditation

Hartwell are proud to announce we have achieved a new accreditation from Lloyd’s Register.

Hartwell are now in compliance with Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 (the Construction Products Regulation or CPR), this certificate applies to:

Fabricated Steel Components for use in Building & Construction up to EXC 3

EN1090 Certificate

E.ON Energy Solutions

Project: Westfield Energy Centre, White City, London

E.ON contracted HM to design, fabricate and install an exhaust system from the energy centre across the site and up a 70M tower block for dispursement. The system included 2 off 500mm dia CHP lines and 3 off 550mm dia boiler flues. A minimum 40 year life expectancy for the flue and duct system was specified by the client as once in place the exhaust would not be accessible for maintenance. HM opted to use fully welded stainless grade 316 3mm wall tube with welded joints in place of flanged sections, thus reducing the chance of leaks in future. The system was modelled in our 3D inventor software package and prefabricated at our works.

After several weeks of careful logisitcal planning with Westfield/TSL and E.ON a lift plan and install slot was agreed. HM were given a 5 hour slot from midnight to erect part of the horizontal system which passed accorss  the new live bus route.  The vertical risers were braced together and stacked for shipping. The shipping frame also acted as a lifting beam and the flues were erected using the Westfield tower crane. The entire riser system consisting of 350M of flue was erected in 3 days with HM team of 12 men working 24 hours /day.


Thank you to all of the team involved in the installation of the Block K flues. The works have gone better than expected in view of the challenges put in front of us by Westfield . A great job done by all!

Stephen Jones

E.ON Project Delivery Manager

GEA Refrigeration LTD

Project: SNF Chiller Plant Install August 2015

GEA contracted HM to install and fully pipe up a chilled water plant consisting of 2 BAC condensers, 2 off compressor packs and 2 off pump sets. The plant was free issued by GEA and HM was responsible for the lift and shift, incorporating the offload and positioning of the plant to the roof top and ground floor and the design, fabrication and installation of all connecting pipe work.

GEA supplied HM with a P&ID for the sizing and route. From this with careful site surveys and using 3D modelling software we were able to produce spool drawings which allowed us to fabricate 70% of the works offsite thus reducing the lead time for the client.

The project was completed ahead of programme and the client and end customer were extremely happy with the results.


Carl I have uploaded the completion photos from SNF site for distribution throughout GEA. Hartwell have done a great job and we look forward to utilising your services on future projects.

Robert Patrick
Senior Project Manager


Project: Alexion Pharma Energy Centre, Dublin September 2016

Cochran Ltd contracted HM to design, fabricate and install a 50M structural mast to support 4 off 700mm ID stainless boiler flu liners and 1 off high temp CHP 550mm liner. In addition to this we also fabricated and erected up to 170M of fully welded horizontal stainless duct and made connections back to the boilers and CHP.

The mast was built in accordance with design criteria EN 1993-1-1:2005. The fabrication was in line with EN1090-3 for which HM have recently received full accreditation.

The mast was a challenging 4.6M2 square in plan and was fabricated in 4 off 12M sections. Head height clearance on the ferry was a comfortable 50mm from the roof!

Each section was built to maximise cross sectional space within the mast between the vertical liners. However our designers were always challenged with ensuring that the masts remained transportable overseas.

The complete install took was carried out by a 5 man team and took just 3 days from start to finish. Once erected the horizontal duct was then lifted on to the roof and connected once the mast sections had been fully cladded.

The horizontal duct inside the Energy centre was installed at 10M height and special expansion joints were installed by HM to accommodate the expansion over the long lengths from boiler to stack. On completion all the duct was clad insitu.

CA Blackwell

Project: Boots UK LTD 2 Off 250000 litre bunded diesel tanks

CA Blackwell’s contracted Hartwell to design and fabricate and install 2 off 250000 litre bunded oil tanks for stand-by generators on their central distribution depot in Nottingham.

The tanks were built to BS 799:5 Type J and were photographed above leaving our depot to go for specialist paint coating. Whilst been a relatively simple fabrication the challenge with this contract was again down to physically shipping the tanks from A to B. At 25mx4.5mx4.5m the haulier was only allowed to travel between 12pm and 5am during selective nights.

Both tanks were delvered on schedule and were installed using a single lift 250T Demag crane on full ballast.