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CONSTRUCTION Vertical cylindrical, flat top and bottom

CAPACITY RANGE 30-100 cubic metres

DESIGN CODE Good Engineering Practice and generally SEN14015


STEEL THICKNESS 6mm base, 5mm shell and ‘chequer’ plate top

BASE FRAME Insulated RSC, 4HD brackets

TESTING As per design code.

FITTINGS (Guide Only) 2 – 6000 dia top and shell manways. 3 – 80 NB fill, outlet, drain flanges. 1 – 100 NB vent/overflow flange. 1 – 50 NB socket for level gauge (optional).

LIFTING LUGS 2 – Shell and 2 – Top welded lugs

INSULATION 75mm (base), 150mm (shell and top) 45kg/M3 ‘Rockwool’ with 0.7mm thick aluminium or galvanised cladding

FINISH – Internal Self colour, cleaned out

FINISH – External Self colour

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Caged access ladder / Roof top handrailing / Calibrated contents gauge / 80 NB fill pipe

HEATING OPTIONS Thermal oil or electric immersion

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